We are officailly sold out for 2014

By Ryan Mitchell on March 30, 2014 in Charlotte 2014

It’s been a long, but fun, road to get to this point! We have officially sold out all our tickets even after we extended the number of people we were allowing to register. The Tiny House Conference will officially be the biggest tiny house event EVER! We will have more tiny house people in one spot, listening to more speakers than ever, and we will also have more tiny houses in one spot then ever gathered before. It’s been incredible to get to this point and the event hasn’t even begun. It is sure to be a great time by all. Thanks!


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Ryan Mitchell lives in Charlotte, NC, where he has been leading the Tiny House movement for years now. In 2009 he decided to become a part of it by launching this website TheTinyLife.com. He is currently building his tiny house on 25 acres. He focuses on alternative housing options and sustainable local agriculture as key components to meet future needs. His expertise include tiny house construction, building systems, codes and zoning.


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